Logs & Coal Price Guide

Fuel TypeDescriptionPrice
House Coal - 25kg Bags

Products suitable for open fires
With high heat output, minimal ash and an excellent glowing flame, our House Coal is the ideal product for use on your open fire in a non-controlled smokeless area. With low sulphur content in the fuel, a max of 0.7%, the impact on the environment is also much lower than many other fuels of this type. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, House Coal is available in two different sizes, doubles and trebles.Doubles £9.00
Oxbow Red

Non-approved smokeless coal
Oxbow Red, non-smokeless economy ideal if you burn logs with your coal or live in a non-smokeless area. Not suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas.£11.25
Kindling Wood Various sizes and quantities available £4.00 - £12.00
Alder LogsSoft Logs netted and ready to go£7.00 a net of 2 for £13
Homefire Heat LogsThese high-energy, ultra dry heat logs provide an excellent alternative to traditional firewood.

Made from just compressed wood
100% clean with no additives or chemicals
Easy to light
Burn with a sustained heat and attractive flame
Suitable for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, Chimeras
Use alone or as a fire starter
Mixed Ovals 20kg Mixed Ovoids are recommended for use on Multi-Fuel Stoves and Open Fires. As one of our most popular Smokeless Fuels, Mixed Ovoids provide a good consistent heat output to heat your room effectively. ... Although this is a Smokeless Fuel, it is NOT suitable for use in smoke control areas.
Fire Lighters 12 in a packThese fire lighters are suitable for smokeless fuels they are also long burning and more efficient£1.00
Homefire Fibre-lighters 28 Cubes of 100% Natural firelighters. This product is made from a blend of compressed pinewood and vegetable oil. Giving you a completely natural firelighter. This product is unlike the paraffin based firelighters the smell as these are odourless and also very easy to light.£1.50
Homefire Twizlers 300gNatural Firelighters for Fires, Stoves, Chimeneas and Barbecues. This product is 100% Natural Firelighters and is made from a collection of small pieces of wood, wool and wax which will light in most conditions. They burn with a smokeless and odourless flame for up to 10 minutes and will not transfer odour or residue onto food that is being cooked on a BBQs. It is also very simple to light as all you will need to do is simply light the edge of the firelighter to help get your fires going.£2.50

V.A.T has been included in the price.