Shed Prices

4' x 4'£336.00£23.00
6' x 4'£504.00£35.00
7' x 5'£735.00£35.00
6' x 6'£756.00£38.00
8' x 5'£840.00£46.00
8' x 6'£1'008.00£50.00
10' x 6'£1'260.00£63.00
12' x 6'£1'512.00£76.00
10' x 8'£1'520.00£74.00
12' x 8'£2'016.00£84.00

All the above prices include treatment, delivery and erection. The site must be level, we will be happy to give you a quote for the levelling of the site. – Please remember we can make your sheds to any size and specification you’re after.
* There maybe additional delivery charges depending on area.

 V.A.T has been included in the price.

Levelling sites

We can now provide a service for levelling out shed bases with concrete or stone chippings.

All items listed are standard. Any item made different to standard may result in a price change. A local delivery charge is included in the price of the larger items. A small charge may be added if delivery is required of a smaller item.

 V.A.T has been included in the price.