Shed Prices

4' x 4'£334.00£23.00
6' x 4'£456.00£35.00
7' x 5'£665.00£35.00
6' x 6'£684.00£38.00
8' x 5'£760.00£46.00
8' x 6'£912.00£50.00
10' x 6'£1'140.00£63.00
12' x 6'£1'368.00£76.00
10' x 8'£1'520.00£74.00
12' x 8'£1'824.00£84.00

All the above prices include treatment, delivery and erection. The site must be level, we will be happy to give you a quote for the levelling of the site. – Please remember we can make your sheds to any size and specification you’re after.
* There maybe additional delivery charges depending on area.

 V.A.T has been included in the price.

Levelling sites

We can now provide a service for levelling out shed bases with concrete or stone chippings.

All items listed are standard. Any item made different to standard may result in a price change. A local delivery charge is included in the price of the larger items. A small charge may be added if delivery is required of a smaller item.

Unfortunately due to higher manufacturing and labour costs we are having to increase our prices. The new prices will be effective from 03/05/16. Current prices will be honoured for all orders placed prior to this date. Keep watching our posts for some exciting new spec changes on our more superior sheds and summerhouses!

 V.A.T has been included in the price.